Wayfarer -the girl whom I met- Sunday


“What was the name of the school that you have mentioned?”  He asked the girl.

She murmured something which I couldn’t hear.

 “What is your name? Actually I am working in the Police department, so I will be able to check the details.”  He blabbered.

“No, I know you are not.”

She replied sheepishly and flew away like a bird. A young bird still caged in the anomalies of life.


If you ever ask me that which is the best day of a week, no doubt I will say, Sunday is the best.  And it was another beautiful Sunday that God has blessed us with. We met her on our way to the café just before the choir service in that early hour of the morning. She was just one another hobo among the endless number that we run into in our everyday life in Bangalore. That someone who might have been a girl like me or a sister like yours, or even a caring mother unlike the one who gave birth to her. She was a small lean girl with a pretty face which hid behind the tangled hair and the tattered clothes. Her hair was in a mess, the clothes muddled and she draped it in an untidy fashion around her tiny form. She was holding a book and a pen in which she wanted to note down the donations, only if someone like us have enough patience to listen to all the stories that she was trained to talk about and still give. She reminded me of my lovely cousin who is around her age in appearance. She is a girl just like my sister, but who was deprived of all the happiness in this world that she is even unaware of. We could see few more kids hanging around with her, equally unkempt and messy like her. Most of them are of her age.


She is just a girl like me, like you or even your sister or cousin. That someone who do not have any idea what an alphabet is, how to dream of a luxurious life let not a normal life- a girl who is unable to dream of the bigger things and is blind to the smallest of things- someone who is unaware of how dirty the world is and how a girl like her can be trapped effortlessly. May be if she was brought up well, she might have been an aspiring young lady of dreams, ambitions and values. She might not have been that heartless like that someone who had left her in the first place, or cold-blooded like that someone who had grabbed her in the second place, or cruel like that someone who had trained her for their selfish motives. She would have been a bird, cage less, fearless, and fright less…soaring away like a tiny invisible kite which I wish and pray you would once…



With much love,

A kin soul.


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