Beracah- the valley of Praises ! 😎

Sometimes I wish I could freeze time so that I could make some moments last longer, save it for some gloomy-doomy days .It was a perfect day and a perfect moment. Or a collection of perfect moments. Perfect memories. Happiness. Smiles. Innocent faces. Singing. Dancing. Shouting. Laughing. With substantial peace, happiness and silence, it was matchless. A memory that I would forever cherish , a moment that I never wanted to end, a special kind of happiness that nobody could ever impart into me.

The place had an air of joy ,the ebullience of happy children and a peace that could calm our unstable mind. Beracah, the valley of Praises!! The name was indeed the ideal one that flawlessly matched the humble abode.I could see pretty faces,skin that was light and dark, faces that are thin and fat and whose eyes revealing excitement and zest. Each face had a different story, some had a family, some have a family, and few others blessed with the art of forgetfulness, which in fact is a blessing in disguise. A place where  ‘nobody’ is transfigured into ‘somebody’. A shelter and home for the abandoned. Love for the forlorn.  The valley of Praises -Beracah!  The stories captured my mind and almost paralysed my thoughts. But one thing I know I was happy to see the smiling faces. 🙂 That imparted a desire in me to live , love and care. 

I wish I could see the innocent smiles forever. I wish I could save it for some gloomy-doomy day. I wish I could see that kind of smile everywhere I go.😍☺️ 

When she prayed..closed her eyes, when he recited the verse ‘Honor your Father and your mother’, when her eyes said ‘not to leave’ and when the smiles faded, when the laughter filled the air, when their shouting echoed, when we were  photographed, I really wished If only I could stay forever to see the innocent, beautiful ,happy faces.😍

Let us pray that let Beracah be always a loving, caring shelter for the homeless and the needy.

With much Love and Love 🙂

Dated back : 15/ 10/2017 Sunday.



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